Internet Cafe Software

Unleash your full potential with our highly efficient all-in-one Internet Cafe Software. Control, secure, and enhance your internet cafe experience while streamlining operations and maximizing revenue potential.

What We Do Best

The success of the internet cafe business largely depends on the quality of the software. At Flamingo7, we offer you high-quality services, which will bring prestige to your business with a handy interface and reliable network media. Our cyber cafe software was designed using the latest technology and brings together all the management and security features.

What You Can Expect from Internet Cafe Software

Easy Reporting

Generate transaction reports and analyze them to see improvements and shortcomings in your internet cafe. Quickly develop strategies and goals with live data available at short notice.

Organized User Queues

Reduce client wait time with the help of User Queues. Simply align clients to the user queue and let them know when a slot opens up.

Free Software Upgrades

Keep up-to-date with the latest versions of the applications for free. Get automatic upgrades, so you won't need to worry about constantly upgrading.

24/7 Customer Support

Keep up-to-date with the latest versions of the applications for free. Get automatic upgrades, so you won't need to worry about constantly upgrading.

Make Every Dollar Count

  • Get timely data about transactions, what’s going out; and what’s coming in. Make more informed decisions based on live reports and constantly stay on top.
  • Say goodbye to long wait times and unattended customers. Quickly register customers and arrange their seats while they await their game availability.
  • Save money by automatically shutting down inactive systems. Save big and invest that money back into your cyber cafe.
  • We keep awake, even while you sleep. Our experienced developers and technicians are there 24/7 to solve your issue, big and small.

Why Choose Us

Flamingo7 offers world-class casino game management services. We designed our internet cafe software with your needs and concerns in mind. With an interactive interface and quick management tools, you will maximize profits and see more happy customers.

Play and Pay Prices

We offer flexible ways of computing the play and pay prices. You can control these aspects easily because, with Flamingo internet cafe software, it is possible to choose charges for computers. You can classify charges by hours, minutes and change the regular pay by different payment modules. You can use fixed rates for standard computers and charge higher for VIP gaming rooms.

Security Maintenance of Internet Cafe Software

With Flamingo7 Internet cafe software, you can restrict user control and keep them from accessing local drives, system keys, and control panels. By doing so, you will eliminate any security issues and keep your private data safe.

Employee Account Management

You can classify employee accounts by using different access levels. Those classifications are effective because by using this tool, cashiers, administrators, or managers can have configurable access rights. Employee activity is saved in the system, and by analyzing it, you can see what changes are being made and what transactions are occurring in real-time. Besides that, you can restrict some of the actions in the system to prevent any unauthorized manipulation.

Language Module

In Flamingo7 internet café software, you will find a variety of language options. Besides, there is an integrated language editor tool which helps users to check the texts, find and correct any desired sentences.

Point of Sale Statistics

There are various POS reports that Flamingo7 Internet cafe provides you with. You can get detailed reports about top-selling categories, loyal customers, top employees, top-selling products, and top payment methods. You can offer customers loyalty cards, and through them, you can give them loyalty points for further use.

Remote Control

You can remotely control your internet cafe through this feature. Whether it is using computers or staff devices, you can check the updates and monitor any activity whenever you are away from the cyber cafe using the internet cafe software.


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